Energy Medicine is a natural healing system that uses variable frequency energy to heal. The energy is electromagnetic in nature and can work on any level: physical, emotional and spiritual. In it's simplest explanation Energy Medicine incorporates elements of other alternative healing practices such as spiritual healing, aromatherapy, auras, crystals, chakra balancing, homeopathy, meditation and naturopathic. It involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to improve the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. Recent studies in the world of science are beginning to finally comprehend that statement. Brainwaves and body pulses and their role in stimulating healing can all be measured today allowing the concept of Energy Medicine, as spiritual energy, Life Force Energy, to be more widely understood by the medical community.


Energy Medicine is a healing technique that is used to restore a more balanced energy flow throughout the body Energizing our "life force energy" within our energy fields affecting balance and harmony within it. This universal life force is an energy found within all things, people, animals, plants, rocks, trees… even the earth itself has this life force energy and without it our physical bodies would cease to live. Someone trained in the use of Reiki, channels that life force energy to the recipient allowing it to flow to where it is needed 


The body is more than just a collection of functioning parts. Everything, as well as the body and its organs, generates a frequency. If our life force energy is low or blocked, we are more likely to get sick which brings on symptoms of injury, illness and disease. When the life force is high (balanced energy), we can maintain our health and well-being.


Energy Medicine helps restore balance and being balanced helps maintain normal functioning. It provides deep relaxation and offers the body the life force energy where it is needed and assists the body in breaking up energy blockages therefore, enhancing  healing and eliminating symptoms. If there is no energy block causing an illness there cannot be any symptoms. Energy Medicine gets to the root of the blockage (issue), breaks it apart and restores the proper balance. Energy Medicine treats the whole of the person addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances during each session. You must have balance in all these areas for optimal health. An Energy Medicine practitioner, serves as an instrument that supplies healing energies where they are most needed. Energy Medicine ki-energies flow out of the practitioner's body through the palms of the hands and into the recipient's body.


The principle teachings of Energy Medicine, embrace a life of balance and promotes spiritual growth. 




Energy Medicine And It's Benefits

The best way to understand Energy Medicine is to experience it. As best as we might try to describe Energy Medicine Healing in words, no teacher is better than direct experience. Energy Medicine treatments bring rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and anxiety. Recipients commonly report improved sleep and digestion and a greater sense of well-being. Other benefits, such as feeling more motivated, less depressed or experience relief from side effects of medications, radiation or chemotherapy, vary from person to person as does the time it takes to reach this state. Each person is unique. Reiki supports our well-being and strengthens our natural ability to heal itself by encouraging balance in our energy centres called Chakras. Some even claim that Reiki is great for aiding in the relief of headaches, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, strains, sprains and even the side effects of cancer treatments. Reiki practitioners are also known to assist in the shrinking of tumors and in bringing diseases into remission.

When a person is already in good health, it increases vitality and postpones the aging process. The continued use of Energy Medicine when you are not sick will manifest itself as self- confidence and self-assurance and propel you on your spiritual journey and evolution into higher and higher levels. 


How Often Do I Have Sessions?

Healing with Energy Medicine is a process not an event and varies from client to client. In general acute problems will heal quicker than chronic issues. If your problem is of long standing or discomfort, it may require treatments over a longer period of time. The practitioner will give advice on your sessions but you are ultimately responsible for your own health and well-being, so the frequency of the sessions is left to the discretion of the client.

It is important to realize that in working with chronic illness, extreme or repeated traumas, anxiety disorders and the like, on-going sessions over a period of time may be necessary for full clearing, since these may be held in more than one chakra and area of the Energy Field. Work begins with the lowest affected chakra, as these inform all those above it  and progresses up the energy channel from there. It is important to realize that this is a healing process which involves the systematic removal of imprints and, therefore, requires a certain level of commitment. This is also true for those interested in deep clearing toward ascension. Whether it is to work through only one issue or all of them to become a totally "clear" being  I ask that you commit to the number of sessions it takes to reach your stated goal. If you bring the power of Intent to this process, there are no limits to how far you can go with this work.


What Happens During A Session

During the healing session we will scan throughout your energy field for imbalances and dis-ease in your bodies using my hands and clair-sentient and inuitive abilities. Empathic practitioners will freely move their hands in no particular order to the areas where they "feel" the Energy Medicine is most needed. Once we locate these energies we use the Energy Medicine that is channeled out of my hands and energy field to transmute these dense imbalanced and distorted energies as well as adding high vibrational healing energies to correct any deficiencies. Energy Medicine responds uniquely to each person and works according to the level of acceptance that person maintains. This treatment option is most suited for open-minded people who tend to adopt innovative treatments. Permission is also necessary because Reiki energy will not override a person's free will.

Energy Medicine, is guided by the highest intelligence and always heals what is most important first. It will help to heal what the client is able to deal with at that time. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion. You cannot remove the bottom layer without first peeling back all of the top layers. Energy Medicine Guides and Medicine Helpers, guide the practitioner as to what to do to bring the highest good to the client. The practitioner cannot promise the client any "specific" results since everyone is uniquely different in how they respond to the healing energies. But can promise that every person that experiences a treatment, receives healing benefits each and every time. Each client always receives exactly what they are in need of at that time.


Energy Medicine, Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression often accompany one another. Treating depression and anxiety with Energy Medicine is becoming a more and more sought after alternative to taking drugs. Energy Medicine deals with depression  and  anxiety as a negative energy. Negative energy manifests as imbalance in the Chakras or energy centres. 

Common symptoms of depression include insomnia or increased need for sleep, fatigue, loss of interest in hobbies or life in general, sadness, crying, anger, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Symptoms of anxiety often include insomnia, irritability, unreasonable fear, heart palpitations and chest pain.

Antidepressant drugs were not developed for depression. Researchers used certain drugs to manipulate the behavior of stressed animals, and then concluded (erroneously) that the drugs would be “good antidepressants.” But chronic stress does not cause the same molecular changes that depression does, making the hypothesis incorrect.

So, antidepressants were actually designed to treat stress, rather than depression -- which is one reason they are so ineffective.

Treating depression with Energy Medicine is fast becoming a sought-after alternative to modern drugs which is safer and more permanent.

Energy Medicine brings about immediate and dramatic improvement in condition of persons suffering from depression. It is also evident from countless testimonials that people who have come out of their depression by using Energy Medicine, have not had a recurrence of the same. Many hospitals around the world are recommending Energy Medicine as a parallel system of treatment. Treating depression this way is becoming a recognized practice within hospitals and more so with local doctors. The efficacy and impact of Energy Medicine is best understood when it is personally experienced.

Both can be disabling and are major risk factors for life-threatening diseases. In both anxiety and depression, a "sense of well-being" is missing. This may be one answer to how Reiki helps anxiety and depression, by restoring a sense of well-being. 


Energy Medicine and Grieving

Reiki offers relief during emotional distress and sorrow. It clears the emotions and offers clarity, stress relief and deep relaxation aiding in restful sleep all of which help someone going through a traumatic experience or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Energy Medicine and Breathing

Healthy breathing is often overlooked, yet it's through breathing that tension and anxiety are naturally dissipated. Unhealthy breathing patterns can aggravate conditions such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. During even just the beginning of a Energy Medicine treatment, there is a rapid response in deeper breathing in the client.


Energy Medicine and Sleeping

Difficult sleeping is usually the first recognized symptom of stress, even though compromised breathing occurs first. If left untreated, sleep disturbances or deprivation can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, achy muscles (as in fibromyalgia) and impaired immune functioning. Fatigue often leads to overeating and reliance on stimulants in a misguided attempt to restore vitality.


Insufficient, poor quality sleep can undermine all your other efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can set the stage for some very serious illnesses, including:
Changes in your brain activity similar to those experienced by people with psychiatric disorders
  • Entering into a pre-diabetic state
  • Weakened immune system
  • Faster tumor growth
  • Hormonal changes and fertility problems
  • Increased risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity

Clients receiving Energy Medicine often relax into a deep sleep like meditative sate that is profoundly refreshing to the body and mind. Even people with a history of insomnia often sleep better the first night after a Energy Medicine treatment.


Energy Medicine and Insomnia

It is rare to find people who are still experiencing deep restful sleep by their 50th birthday. Sleep disorders are the number one health related problem. Sleep disorders such as insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, afflict well in excess of 100 million people, yet they remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. Insomnia is a very common symptom of depression and also a risk factor for becoming depressed.  

Insomnia, whether chronic or occasional, is defined as:

  1. Difficulty falling asleep

  2. Waking frequently during the night

  3. Waking too early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep

  4. Waking feeling un-refreshed

Insomnia affects your hormone levels, accelerates aging, and increases your risk for serious disease.

The top underlying causes of sleep disorders include:

Stress: All types of negative emotions, including worry, fear, anxiety, etc., can keep you up at night. Stress tops the list when it comes to pinning down the cause of insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

Overactive adrenals: Increased levels of stress hormones in your body can lead to a hyper-aroused state that makes it difficult to sleep.

Eye problems: People with damage to the optic nerve can have problems sleeping, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up at strange times, sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night.

EMF Disturbances: Using a cell phone before bed could cause insomnia, headaches and confusion, and may also cut your amount of deep sleep, interfering with your body‘s ability to refresh itself. Additionally you may have an improperly wired bedroom with unshielded wires or you might have a point source of high EMFs such as a refrigerator on the other side of your bedroom wall. Magnetic fields are not blocked by walls and it will go right through them.


It is always better to find non medication remedies for sleep disturbances. All sleep medications have unwanted side effects, pushing the brain toward unconsciousness without giving the profound benefits of deep sleep and can result in dependence. It has been reported that with Energy Medicine treatments, people experience deeper more refreshing sleep.


Energy Medicineand Digestion

It is through the capacity to digest that we are nourished. And it is not simply our food that is digested, we need to digest our experiences. When we eat well, sitting down in a calm environment, taking time to chew it properly, the body is able to use the nutrients efficiently. When we don't attend to our digestive needs, the food we eat becomes toxic in our systems and the toxins gravitate towards the area of our constitutional weakness, setting the stage for disease. Some of these include irritable bowl, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping and nausea. The stress can aggravate chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease). Energy Medicine with regards to digestion can be quite audible, with the abdominal gurgling called borborygmis frequently heard soon after the session starts. This is a clear sign that the body is responding and normalizing. Symptoms of irritable bowel or Crohn's disease may be calmed by a single session, but repeated treatment will give deeper balancing and longer lasting benefits.



Energy Medicine and Nervous-Systems Disorders and Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances and neurological conditions typically respond quickly to Energy Medicine treatment. Since the nervous system and hormonal systems regulate functions throughout the body, maintaining natural rhythms and organizing the complex levels of self-regulation and repair that maintain health, it seems likely that the responsiveness of these systems to Energy Medicine is a large part of how this Energy  can benefit people with a wide range of conditions.Energy Medicine can be particularly helpful addressing the uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis of MS. Alzheimer's patients are often calmed by Reiki treatment and people with Parkinson's disease may find relief from tremors, muscle tension and agitation. Reiki can soothe painful neuropathy caused by disease or medication. Reiki can also be helpful with epilepsy or undiagnosed seizure disorders.


Energy Medicine and Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammation occurs in response to injury or infection as part of the normal healing process. Inflammatory disease such as arthritis, where the body's ability to regulate inflammation has been lost. Balance brought by Reiki treatment can be valuable in preventing or minimizing flare-ups. People treated often report lessening of pain and increased mobility.


Energy Medicine and Cancer

Reiki is used by cancer patients for the relief from the anxiety, pain and fatigue that can accompany every stage of the illness and treatment and to support recovery "beyond" the active treatment phase. Reiki is also an invaluable support after treatment, when patients often feel abandoned once they are sent home after treatment, left to dwell alone in a land between illness and wellness.


Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki is safe in pregnancy and childbirth and while breast-feeding infants. It can also be useful in treating infertility and miscarriages. Woman's menstrual cycles usually normalize or at least improve with the first cycle. Others have found Reiki helped with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and polycystic breasts. Experiencing Reiki while pregnant will allow you and your baby to evolve and synchronize on many levels and the blending of energies will help to unite you both. Babies sense and love Energy Medicine energy and don't be surprised by an increase in movement during a session. Energy Medicine helps moms to reduce stress and relax the body, experience a better nights sleep, it eases anxiety, fatigue and reduces aches and pains. It can also assist you in having a successful and fulfilling delivery. It removes energy blocks therefore allowing the birth to flow more freely.



Energy Medicine and Hospitals

Many hospitals, offer Energy Medicine to relieve pain, speed healing, reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and the side effects of chemotherapy. Patients who received 15 minutes of Energy Medicine pre and post op used less medication, had shorter lengths of stay and increased patient satisfaction. Energy Medicine has been clinically proven to reduce stress, aid in pain management, speed recovery from illness and surgery and mentally support those coping with traumatic life changes and issues.

It can be used alone or to enhance the effectiveness of other treatments. It is not intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by your physician. Energy Medicine combines well with any conventional or complementary treatment and there are no known medical contradictions to using Energy Medicine flows according to the need of the client receiving the treatment, so there is no question of wrong dosage. Also Improvements may allow your physician to reduce medications needed over time.


 Some Health Benefits Using Energy Medicine


  • Promotes and accelerates the bodies own natural ability to heal

  • Aids in deep, restful, peaceful sleep. 1hr of Reiki is equal to 3hrs of deep sleep on the healing and repair level

  • Balances the energy centres (Chakras) in the body

  • Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal with daily stress and viruses

  • Relieves pain ie: headaches, backaches, relaxing the muscles

  • Helps to free from addictions
  • Clears toxins from the body (something of great concern these days)

  • Relaxes and reduces stress

  • Treats the root cause of illnesses

  • Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions

  • Use in tandem with conventional health practices and medicine
  • Used in hospitals to lesson pain and side effects of drugs as well as shorten recovery time



  • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings and emotions

  • Improves mental well-being and promotes greater ability to deal with everyday challenges

  • Calms and relaxes the mind and relieves stress

  • Improves the ability to concentrate

  • Facilitates decision making abilities
  • Enhances personal awareness

  • Promotes creativity and improves memory

  • Aids in meditation and positive thinking

  • Promotes courage in making positive changes in ones life



  • Releases fears

  • Deeper self love and self worth

  • Improves confidence

  • Calms and balances the emotions

  • Promotes feelings of contentment, love and peace

  • Enhances relationships



  • Increases intuition and other multisensory abilities

  • Helps in the progression of spiritual growth

  • Deepens the connection with the Higher Self


Some Things You May Experience During A Session

  • Some fall asleep
  • Some warmth, cold or a tingling sensation from the Energy Medicine energy
  • Gurgling and sounds from your stomach
  • Most experience a reduction in pain or sometimes an elimination of the pain in first session
  • Some more sensitive people may even have spiritual or visual experience
  • Temperature changes, hot and cold, wind, some even experience seeing colours, images, memories and different feelings in and around the body's. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


This is just a short list of what someone may experience during a session. Everyone is different and deals with healing differently.

Keeping in mind that not everyone feels or sees things during treatments and that this is not an indication that the treatment is working or not. Energy Medicine healing ALWAYS occurs and you may or may not feel what is happening. And it is said that sometimes when all is calm and quite that this is when the most profound healing is occurring.


What May Happen After A Session

Energy Medicine heals on all levels. When this healing is taking place, there are blockages removed, energy flowing that have not flowed smoothly for a period of time, and releases of emotional/mental blockages that have been held onto.

Please keep in mind that we are all unique expressions of God (Source, Spirit, Buddha, etc) and that our healing will take on different symptoms to different levels of healing to each person. So what might be true for one's experience may not be the norm for someone else and some may not even experience healing symptoms and this is in no way an indication that something is being healed or not. Some are just more sensitive to the shifts in energy than others and it will also depend greatly on what energy distortions are being healed. So do not compare your experiences to anothers. Only be concerned with your own healing. "Your Healing Journey" is as unique as you are!

Here is an example of some of the things you may or may not experience in the event that things come up and you are not sure of what is happening.


The healing crisis is nature’s way. It is the body itself that has the make-up and the materials that produce a crisis. It requires energy to have a crises; it takes activity of blood cells and power of tissue structure. It takes a reserve to go through a healing crisis, and the body will not produce it, unless it is able to go through with it.  

We cannot put a new foundation in the body without first cleansing the body, a process not always comfortable. Cleanup reactions are adjustments by the body to keep itself whole and functioning. If there is a pile-up of waste matter accumulating, the immune system may decide it’s time to clean up.

It then provokes, say, a cold, or some other mucous discharge to flush out the obstruction, calling in an army of bacteria to help dispose of the stuff.

During a healing crisis, a great deal of toxins may be pulled out of body tissues and put back into the circulation in order to be eliminated. During this process, some uncomfortable symptoms may occur, such as: 

  •         the releasement of emotions and feelings
  •         general fatigue
  •         pains and aches, such as headaches, low back pain, joint pain, etc.
  •         Skin discharges, unusual sweating and body odors
  •         frequent urination, diarrhea or constipation
  •         fever, or feeling of coldness
  •         temporary cessation of menstruation, or decrease in sexual desire
  •         mental irritability, restless dreams, etc.

The healing crisis may last from a few hours to a few days; only in rare cases will it last a few weeks. The healthier our general condition, the fewer symptoms there will be. The more the body has to clean up, the stronger and/or the longer will be the discharge reactions.

They will also be more pronounced if the change in diet is abrupt, less so if it is gradual. During the healing process, the body brings back old diseases in reverse order, especially if these diseases have been suppressed through medication. It is like a move seen backward. However, the eliminative processes bring back old troubles in such a way that it inspires one t live an entirely different life, so that we are finished with the old way of living.

The healing crisis differs from the dis-ease process in that it is a blessing and not a curse to the body. Though the manifestations may be similar, a healing crisis is brought about through an accumulation of health in the body, and the active healing power carries the person through.

A healing crisis comes right after the person is feeling his best, usually following a positive change in lifestyle, such as a better diet, a high-quality food supplement, a fast or detoxification cure, giving up smoking, alcohol or drugs, a new exercise program such as yoga, or a new spiritual discipline such as meditation. There is a feeling of well-being at the core during the healing crisis; that is, deep down inside, it feels O.K., while a sickness feels like something is definitely wrong.

The average person develops a healing crisis within three months, but sometimes it does not come until after a year. The young person will have the crisis much more quickly than those of advanced years. One crisis is not always enough for a complete healing. It takes 90 10 120 days to renew all the red blood cells. After about 3 - 4 months, the healing process shifts deeper. It begins to pull debris out of the inter-cellular spaces, and very often a new manifestation of discharge symptoms show up at that time. After the initial 3 - 4 month period, there may be a few more discharges, on and off, for the following 6 months to a Year.

Each healing crisis is followed by increased vitality and a greater feeling of well-being.”